Do you sometimes wish you were sure of yourself when it comes to wearing some outfits? While I can attest that all women deserve to wear what they want, there is absolutely nothing wayward with buying things that make you feel better about yourself. What’s more, doing whatever you want with yourself with an aim of feeling at ease with yourself is a form of self-love.

Our bodies are bound to alter over the course of time. Some of us grow to become mothers and others experience a body change as time lapses; it’s all part of the cycle of life. So it makes sense to adapt our underwear to our newly configured bodies.

Do you know the thing that has assisted many women feel good in their clothing? Shapewear! Don’t know what we are talking about? Continue reading to find out more.

Don’t know where to begin? Let’s begin with the different types of shapewear and find out just how they come in handy.


The summer season is shorter in some sections of the planet. Don’t allow the summer season to pass you by without rocking a 90’s inspired crop top. Need to keep your bust tamed? You can wear a minimizer bra. They are specially made to make sure your breasts aren’t compressed. Rather, volume is restructured to attain a more streamlined appearance. Available in sizes of up to 115F, minimizer bras evidently minimise the size of your breast cup size by one thanks to modifiable and comfy wide shoulder straps, underwire cups that adjust to your motion and creative 3D shaper wires for maximum support.


If you want to feel more self-assured in everyday outfits like a t-shirt and jeans, shapewear briefs align your body figure and subtly obscure any minute ‘sources of insecurity’ thanks to the usage of cotton, polyamide and Elastane. If you need other size shapewear, you can search online for plus size shapewear uk.

Panties can also come in the form of briefs, boxers, tangas, and thongs. Big women’s lingerie labels have designed models in a range of cuts and colours.


Been keeping an eye on trendy skirts and dresses? so have we. Control shorts or some call them, thigh savers fit nicely under summer dresses and assist you to feel confident in your own body while facilitating free movement. They are also available in all shapes and sizes, from short ones to high-waisted shaper shorts that reach the belly bottom and cut off above the knees. Shapewear shorts smooth out the look of your cellulite and streamline your physique.

Thigh savers usually look too small when getting them out of their package. Don’t let this first look deceive you! As time lapses, they will adjust to your body shape, providing you with an authentic second skin effect.

Bodies & Dresses

Let’s take a pause and get serious a bit. There’s no denying that the fashion industry is going through a massive change. No longer favouring the skinny fads of yesteryears, women of all body shapes can and are entitled to wear whatever they want.

Control bodies are extremely comfy and adaptable. You can wear it as either a tank top beneath a skirt or jeans or under a dress to provide additional support.

Akin to bodies, control slip skirts and dresses have been made to leave you feeling self-assured in whatever you wish to put on. They have also been designed with mobility and comfort put into consideration, thanks to horizontally and vertically integrated Elastane, subtle, ultra-flat stitching and reinforced front panels.


This one is easy. If the outfit you are going for needs you to put on tights, why not sculpt tights for some additional lift? Shapewear stockings make your butt and legs feel firm and also streamline your figure.