Boosting Your Confidence With The Right Shapewear

Do you sometimes wish you were sure of yourself when it comes to wearing some outfits? While I can attest that all women deserve to wear what they want, there is absolutely nothing wayward with buying things that make you feel better about yourself. What’s more, doing whatever you want with yourself with an aim of feeling at ease with yourself is a form of self-love.

Our bodies are bound to alter over the course of time. Some of us grow to become mothers and others experience a body change as time lapses; it’s all part of the cycle of life. So it makes sense to adapt our underwear to our newly configured bodies.

Do you know the thing that has assisted many women feel good in their clothing? Shapewear! Don’t know what we are talking about? Continue reading to find out more.

Don’t know where to begin? Let’s begin …

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Top Reasons To Have Your Wedding Dress Custom Made

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to ensure that you make it as memorable as you can. Aside from taking fantastic videos and photos of this special day, you should also look as beautiful as possible. You can achieve this by getting yourself a unique and fabulous wedding dress.

When it comes to wedding dresses, you can go for a ready-made or custom-made wedding dress. The latter is better owing to the numerous benefits that come with it. In this article, we look at the benefits of customizing your wedding dress. Let’s explore them.

  1. You get to express your unique style

You are unique as an individual. And this is the ideal time to express your unique style and taste. Whether you want to wear a non-traditional, non-white wedding gown or a minimalist lace dress, your wedding dress designer will pay …

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The 4 Pros of Tailored Clothes

Tailored or custom-made clothes are not necessarily only for people with huge egos and fashionistas. Tailored clothes are designed to fit your unique body shape. This means they are more comfortable and look better than off-the-rack clothes that fit a generic body shape. Moreover, tailored clothes are made with high-quality materials and the highest attention to detail, making them durable and long-lasting. Image Tailors offer unrivaled service for tailoring by using the best equipment and materials. Here are the benefits of tailored clothes 

Highlighting Your Style

You can work closely with a tailor or designer when you opt for tailored clothing. This is to create a garment that truly reflects your personal style and preferences. Unlike ready-made clothes, produced in standard sizes and styles, tailored clothing is made specifically for your unique body shape and measurements. This means you can choose everything from the fabric and color to the fit …

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3 winter essentials any man should have in his closet

Designers and fashion magazines usually talk about closet essentials everytime the weather changes dramatically and we need to adjust our wardrobe to another climate. This winter is no exception and for many gentlemen this cold season can be an impediment on their way to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. If you’re someone who has been struggling with your fashion taste during the chillier months of the year, we’ve selected 3 things that you need to have in your closet this season in order to stay both cozy and good looking.

Puffer jackets

When speaking of elegant winter outdoor clothes, wool coats are the first to come to mind. Although they can really make any outfit seem more put together, they often lack the practicability and versatility of their main opponent, the puffer jacket. Such a jacket provides wonderful insulation so that you can stay warm no …

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Engagement Rings Trending in Christmas 2022

For many couples, Christmas is a perfect time of year to get engaged. When all of the family is coming together, for many it’s an ideal time to make that proposal. Surrounded by snow and loved ones, proposing at Christmas can be incredibly romantic and memorable. The best Christmas movies often feature an engagement. However, many prospective brides want their engagement ring to follow the trends of the time. Here are some of the most common jewellery trends for Christmas 2022.


Rainbow Rings

Bright, colourful rings are massively fashionable this winter. Selections of many brightly colored gemstones set together, or opals, are worn by many. These rings, due to their bright and ornate nature, will stand out and make your fiance look incredibly striking. If your partner is someone who likes bright colours and unconventional fashion, they might love to have a ring in this trend. Adding a splash …

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