Peppered Chicken Nigerian Party Style!

When attending Royal Ascot in June, the Duchess debuted a new designer, Elie Saab. While technically separates, this appeared to fit better in this category. I suppose the look would skew the separates ballot to come back, as these kinds are rather more informal.

Party Style

The West obtained sit-ins in the Sorbonne and Vanessa Redgrave marching through Grosvenor Square in a Pierre Cardin cloak and knee-high boots. China obtained the Red Guards defenestrating school lecturers and digging up the corpses of imperialists to place them on trial. Sun commissioned a tailor referred to as Huang Longsheng to synthesise the official dress of the fledgling state from components of the German military tunic, Japanese scholar uniform and Western swimsuit jacket. Some accounts describe him as a resident of Zhejiang province, others as a Chinese expat whose store in Vietnam was patronised by Sun in his years in exile. Vogue-approved writer reveals why …

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