‘dressing Like A Lesbian’ Is Fashionably Sexy For Straight Women

In the ‘90s, female tennis stars have been rocking shorter uniforms that wouldn’t be misplaced on the courtroom right now. Russian tennis pro Anna Kournikova wore this yellow tank-top costume in 1999 on the eve of the French Open. By the Eighties, women’s basketball uniforms had been wanting increasingly more like the men’s. Cheryl Miller of the University of Southern California Trojans rocked shorts and a jersey tank top as she passed the ball throughout a sport within the early ‘80s. In 1939, members of the Preston Ladies Football Club wore shorts and striped knee socks during a match towards the Belgian Ladies International Team. New-season, dressed up seems that salute the solar – and everyday escapism.

The style silhouette softened considerably through the decade, with much less emphasis on the S-shape that corsets created and extra concentrate on a fluid, more flowing look. It retained a lot of the …

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