Designers and fashion magazines usually talk about closet essentials everytime the weather changes dramatically and we need to adjust our wardrobe to another climate. This winter is no exception and for many gentlemen this cold season can be an impediment on their way to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time. If you’re someone who has been struggling with your fashion taste during the chillier months of the year, we’ve selected 3 things that you need to have in your closet this season in order to stay both cozy and good looking.

Puffer jackets

When speaking of elegant winter outdoor clothes, wool coats are the first to come to mind. Although they can really make any outfit seem more put together, they often lack the practicability and versatility of their main opponent, the puffer jacket. Such a jacket provides wonderful insulation so that you can stay warm no matter the temperature outside while also looking less imposing and more laid-back than the classic coat. If you style it correctly, for example with a timeless combo of straight-leg jeans and a crew neck sweater, a puffer jacket can become the focal point of your outfit. A classic black knee-long puffer jacket is a perfect piece to add to your wardrobe no matter your age or occupation, but shorter versions of this garment can also be quite practical especially if you’re not used to wearing longer outdoor clothing.

Aran cardigans

Everyone knows about the Irish sweaters, the beautiful garments made of wool and stitches with the traditional Aran patterns. The Aran cardigans, however, should not be overlooked as well, as they incorporate everything you might need to look classy but also stay warm during a snowy winter day. Featuring the same iconic Aran patterns, the Irish cardigan is easy to style and can create beautiful work outfits when worn with the basic black trousers and white button-up shirt or it can spice up your daily looks when thrown over a colorful turtleneck and jeans. If you’d like to purchase a cardigan but don’t know where to start your research, I recommend Keilys for their authentic Irish pieces and the plethora of colors and designs that are presented in their online stores.

Leather boots

If you’re considering yourself to be a stylish man but you’re still wearing your summer sneakers even on the chilliest days, what are you even doing? Not only does it not look appropriate in a winter outfit, but it also doesn’t provide you enough protection against the cold and can make you more prone to getting ill, and I’m not even mentioning all the mud and rain that will be back on our streets in no time. A pair of classic leather combat boots has never disappointed me and I am sure it will work for you as well. Make sure to pick the right size and fit and if you live in a particularly cold region, pay attention to the details like whether your shoes have fur lining or if they are waterproof.