For many couples, Christmas is a perfect time of year to get engaged. When all of the family is coming together, for many it’s an ideal time to make that proposal. Surrounded by snow and loved ones, proposing at Christmas can be incredibly romantic and memorable. The best Christmas movies often feature an engagement. However, many prospective brides want their engagement ring to follow the trends of the time. Here are some of the most common jewellery trends for Christmas 2022.


Rainbow Rings

Bright, colourful rings are massively fashionable this winter. Selections of many brightly colored gemstones set together, or opals, are worn by many. These rings, due to their bright and ornate nature, will stand out and make your fiance look incredibly striking. If your partner is someone who likes bright colours and unconventional fashion, they might love to have a ring in this trend. Adding a splash of colour to your proposal this Christmas may be the way to go.

1920s Style

The Roaring Twenties happened over 100 years ago, however their style has never been unfashionable. Films and TV shows are still being made about this time period. 20s fashion has always been a staple, and often the fundamentals from 1920s style comes back in vogue. If your partner is someone who loves vintage style and fashion, maybe getting one of these for your engagement ring is the way to go. Looking up art deco engagement rings will give you a massive selection to choose from. The classics never really go out of style.

Statement Signet Rings

While this androgynous item looks fabulous on women, if you’re proposing to a man, maybe consider getting a statement signet ring. These rings, which are stylised by a thick plain band and a large, often square cut on the top, are massively back in fashion this Winter. This might make a great choice for a trendy man or woman. Furthermore, if you want to get matching wedding bands, a pair of signet rings is a great choice that will look amazing on both men and women.


Pearl jewellery was in trend at the beginning of 2022 and it still looks great going into 2023. If your partner isn’t one for rings, maybe consider getting them a pearl necklace as a piece of engagement jewellery. This is a great, on-trend alternative for someone who’s not into conventional engagement rings. However, there are also many beautiful traditional rings which incorporate pearls into their design. Choosing something like this for your partner might be a great choice if they love the pearl trend.


Sustainable Is In

The movement for sustainable fashion has been out in full force in recent years, and this shows no signs of slowing down in Christmas 2022. If your partner cares about sustainability and eco-fashion, making sure that the company you buy from doesn’t harm the environment in some way can make your ring choice more sustainable. Better yet, looking at Vintage Sapphire Engagement Rings can be a great way to ensure your ring is good for the environment, as vintage jewellery does not add to any pollution made from producing jewellery.