If you want to create an image of being powerful and successful, your style should lean more toward business formal and business casual looks. Away from work, a preppy style or Ivy League look will help you maintain that image during recreational activities. The fashion style you choose to wear should be based on multiple factors. You should also consider the message you want to send to the world.

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It was made of a rayon and cotton twill blend that had a soft shine to it. The smooth material made the design very plain with angled slit pockets on the sides, 5 buttons down the front (or a zipper in the later ’40s), and an optional chest pocket with a flap. After the war, when wool restrictions were lifted, a double-breasted version became popular. These overcoats were usually tan, plaid, tweed, or herringbone with plaid cotton flannel or rayon cotton blend linings. The Hawaiian ‘Aloha’ shirt, featuring hand painted tropical scenes, birds, and flowers were introduced after the war.

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For many companies, the Hawaiian shirt was the only exception. If you even thought of wearing the clothing reserved for weekends with the family, you’d likely be sent home to change. Still, this, like many other movements, changed what men considered the norm for office attire. However, it was done slowly so that on the way out the door, their fathers wouldn’t stop them to ask what the hell they were wearing and make them go back up to their room to change.

  • This is an in-between that exists in the middle of formal wear, such as a tuxedo, and casual wear, like a pair of slacks and a polo shirt.
  • While street style is very broad and the same applies in Korea, this particular style has been quite widespread over the past year.
  • You can also brush up on wardrobe basics like socks and underwear by Diesel, G-Star RAW and Superdry.

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Sturdy cotton canvas coveralls were worn by men that had to get dirty on the job. They were all one piece that buttoned down through the fly with a straight leg. They belted at the waist, had long sleeves for protection, and typically featured a pointed collar. They also had big patch pockets on the chest for keeping things handy. Wide leg pants are difficult to find in stores today.

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Bags, shirts, outerwear and accessories were all rendered in the season’s standout shade. Shoes for men in the 1940s came in just a few styles. The most common everyday shoe was the lace up Oxford.